Terwilliger Pappas - Solis Gainesville

Developed by Terwilliger Pappas on a vacant lot in Downtown Gainesville, Georgia, Solis Gainesville is a 223 unit multifamily development completed in Summer of 2022. The development connects directly to downtown Gainesville via a pedestrian bridge, which locals had previously dubbed "The Bridge to Nowhere" because of the vacant lot that sat empty for years. With this mixed use development, pedestrians can now comfortably live, work, and play in close proximity to all the additional features of Downtown Gainesville. Our team worked directly with the team at Terwilliger Pappas to establish a design intent for the community that overtly connected the aesthetics of the community to the city. In addition to contracting directly with the developer, our team also coordinated closely with Fortune Johnson, the GC for the project, to ensure that all aspects of the signage were completed & installed on-time & on-budget.
Our scope of work included:
-Conceptual Designs
-Sign Engineering
-Wayfinding (Interior & Exterior)
-Signage Manufacturing & Fabrication
-OSHA Certified Installation

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