Channel Letters

Custom built letters, big & bright.

Channel (Illuminated) Letters

It’s likely that you see channel letters every day, but it’s likely that you’re not familiar with the term.  Channel letters are the most common way to have a business’s logo displayed on a wall and illuminated.  They’re the big letters you notice when driving through a shopping center at night, mounted to the wall just above a business’s front entrance.

Impactful during the daytime, and often shining bright at night, channel letters are a professional signage product for retailers and businesses who want to maximize their visibility.  The letters are often hollow, leaving a “channel” behind the face of the letters where the light source sits.  Using either neon or LED modules, the inside of the sign lights up, and the light spills out through the translucent acrylic face of the letter.

There are many ways to customize your channel letter project, each one varies based on the construction and installation methods available.  Our project managers can work with you to design your project in a way that fits your brand, while also complying with Landlord requirements, local sign ordinances, and building codes.


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