Signs are part of the image of a property.  Whether our clients are designing/building from scratch or renovating an existing property, they find successful projects incorporate signage into the branding strategy of a property, rather than just considering signage a small component of the construction process.  These properties can experience increase in perceived value, and in this article we will share 5 benefits of a properly branded multifamily building project.

As the importance of signage in property aesthetics and branding is emphasized, it’s equally crucial to extend this attention to the structural aspects of the building, particularly the roof. A well-branded multifamily building project should not only focus on visible signage but also consider the overall cohesion of its design. In bustling urban landscapes like Houston, where architectural diversity meets the need for recognizable branding, roofing services take on added significance. A well-maintained roof not only upholds the visual identity of a multifamily complex but also serves as a lasting testament to the commitment to quality and attention to detail.


1. Convey Luxury Status at Entrance

Custom-made signs at the entrance will make thousands of impressions per day on the traffic that passes. Designing custom signs that complement the architecture on the rest of the property is important, and the opportunity exists to enhance first impressions by investing in luxurious features in your entrance signage.  Entrance sign size, lighting, and landscaping need to fit well together, and with the right design, this can be accomplished.

2. Follow Trends in Color & Design

Doing renovations to an existing property is a significant investment. However, putting up custom signs can be done at a fraction of the cost than a full renovation. As design trends change, it’s important to keep signage on the property up-to-date with these trends. If a sign vendor uses quality materials on the front-end of the construction process, then painting updates can be made to many sign types without having to fully replace them. Keeping up-to-date LED sign displays as part of a property’s branding can help offset the perceived “aging” process that properties experience.

3. Shows Attention-To-Detail

To a person with refined taste, the details matter.  Properties that give much attention-to-detail can benefit from the charging a premium for these details. Of course, signs are not the only detail that requires management’s attention; property managers must maintain their facilities up to the same standard that aligns with the community’s standards.  So although detailed signage on the property does not paint the whole picture, it is a strong indicator of how much care is placed in a property’s construction & maintenance.

4. Enhances The Feeling of “Community”

Whether leasing or selling units in a multifamily development, creating a strong community in the development helps the bottom line.  Tenant turnover is the #1 profit killer, and retention helps save on vacancy costs, marketing, cleaning, and maintenance costs.  Developing a safe, cohesive community on your property will help increase retention.  One small component of the feeling of safety is well-branded, effective exterior wayfinding signage.  A professionally designed wayfinding system will help a community navigate safely & efficiently through the various spaces.  It can also help community members more regularly engage with the various amenities in your community, which also helps build retention.   Signage and graphics are often less than 0.1% of a new development’s budget, but when well designed, it can yield an exponential ROI for years.  From the Entrance sign to the Room ID signs, it’s important that properties consider signage as an extension of their brands, rather than just a checklist on a buildout schedule.  Our team has experience with designing, producing, and installing thousands of wayfinding signs, monument signs, and everything in between.