Since Sign Brothers started in 2007, we’ve strived to be a business that pushes our team members to be better people and that adds value to our customers and our community. To do that, we specified five core values that would serve as guideposts to make sure we never put short-term gain above providing lasting value. Check out our blog on Core Values as a concept, and why they can help your company be more successful.

This blog post is part of a series of posts breaking down each of our core values. This post will break down our first core value: “Integrity.” In this post we’ll be looking at where this core value comes from, why we chose this core value as our first core value, and how this core value impacts our day to day operations from our highest level leadership making company decisions to our newest team members. Let’s dive in…

Integrity in business may sound like a contradiction to some, or a feel good concept that doesn’t mean much when the rubber hits the road, but we believe the two go hand in hand. Integrity is a central personal value to us and we knew that in order to build a business we were proud of, integrity had to be the centerpiece of everything we did.

It’s simple, but making integrity a core value has helped us and our team members approach every interaction in a way that adds value.

Here’s cofounder and owner Justin Siebert on why Integrity is Sign Brothers’ first core value:

Justin-Seibert “In my mind, this is the most important value, hands down. Integrity can be viewed as the soil that everything else is planted in. It is the foundation, and without it, long term success is all but impossible. Integrity is required for trust to be present. Our desire is to be a trusted partner with our clients. We’re in this thing for the long haul, and when our customers see that we are an organization that can be trusted to deliver and to treat them well, they will come back to us again and again.
The only way we can ensure that Integrity is something that our clients can expect from us is to hire people that align with this value. As owners, we do our best to lead by example with this value. Collectively, dedication to this value ensures deep trust amongst our team, which allows us to challenge each other to become the best we can be.”

Here’s some of the ways that we try and have integrity in every aspect of our business:

Integrity In Our Team

Integrity starts with each person in a business. Every team member we hire is someone who’s integrity we vouch for. We are clear in every interview that integrity is non-negotiable and we are proud to have created a team of people that we personally trust to do the right thing in every situation they face.

We actively give positive reinforcement to team members that exemplify integrity.

Integrity In Design

We make sure that we don’t compromise in our design process. We make sure that the colors, fonts, and materials we use are either a part of your brand, or a perfect extension of your brand for the project at hand.

We make sure we put things first: if you need help with branding, we have a dedicated team of expert designers that can help you create or solidify a cohesive brand identity from your logo to fonts to presentation so that your brand will be instantly recognizable and resonate with your intended audience.

We make sure we nail down branding related decisions before we dive into designing signage solutions for your projects.

Integrity In Communication

We have a dedicated team of Account Managers and Project Managers that are highly proactive, detailed, and relational in their communication with clients, and in how they manage every project.

We own our process and serve our clients by leading them through what we do best: creating and implementing multifaceted signage solutions.

Integrity In Production

We do everything in our power to keep every project on time and on budget. In order to do that we’ve brought design, project management, sign production, and installation in house so that we control every facet of the project. In a world where outsourced solutions are facing months and months of unforeseen delays due to supply chain issues, we are proud to offer an end to end solution to our customers.

Integrity In Installation

We understand that signage is one part of a construction project, and every installer on our team is OSHA certified and fully capable working in a construction environment safely and effectively.

When an installer heads to a site to install signage, they will have all the necessary tools to do the job safely and efficiently and have an ipad with construction diagrams with every sign marked. They can easily pull up each sign on the map and see a detailed image of what it should look like, see any notes on that particular sign, and make notes and take pictures that are viewable to our project managers.

Integrity In Our Community

We are a proud member of the Athens, Georgia business community. While we work with organizations outside of Georgia, we never forget our roots and are actively involved in our community working with small businesses in our area to make Athens a better place to live and work.


Sign Brothers Design Manager Jamie Boquist shares how integrity influences her mindset and day-to-day activities:

Boquist, Jamie “I’ve always been partial to the definition of integrity as doing the right thing, even behind closed doors. To a designer that means doing the right thing for the customer even though they probably won’t see the time or effort you put in, like working through time constraints or material shortages. Our team doesn’t cut corners, and we always do our best to seek out the reason why and design for that purpose. Some of the best designs have come from having to change direction rapidly, and working around obstacles. Sometimes permitting or construction changes prevent us from building a design we’re really proud of, and instead of taking that as a loss, we innovate around it and still give the customer a spectacular product.”

Integrity is extremely important to us from how we live our personal lives, how we hire, how we treat our coworkers, how we communicate and work with our customers, and how we’ve designed our process. In our next post we will discuss our second core value: “Quality” and what it means to us.

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